ASC, Inc.
Develop a Secure Enterprise Architecture Framework for the National Archives

American Systems Corporation, Inc. (ASC), managers of the Electronic Records Archive program, came to EKIVE with a considerable challenge - to develop a framework for a Secure Enterprise Architecture that would support one of the U.S. President's 24 priority E-Government initiatives. Another consulting organization had been given this responsibility and six months to deliver but had failed to meet the customer's demands: A comprehensive framework to guide the development of a workable architecture. The challenging timeframe for this project was 3 weeks in which to develop and deliver a product that would satisfy the customer.

EKIVE's expertise was sought because we were able to offer the following critical capabilities:

Ablility to mobilize a highly qualified and experienced team quickly.
Understanding to integrate security functionality seamlessly in a scalable enterprise architecture.
Successful track record of developing effective solutions quickly
Effective communication in presenting the information, concepts and constructs behind the architecture clearly and concisely.

Our work included:

Development of a consolidated project plan that would incrementally add richness and depth to the Secure Enterprise Architecture.
Development and documentation of a framework for the Secure Enterprise Architecture.
Production of a comprehensive framework document.
Presentation of solution to NARA's IT executive team.

NARA received the Secure Enterprise Architecture framework ahead of schedule, enabling them to meet their accelerated program requirements.


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