Accelerated Delivery of Critical
e-Commerce Solution

DSL.net is a national DSL provider who had signed a deal with IBM to provide DSL service to IBM's customers via the IBM sales force. As part of the agreement, DSL.net had to implement an online order entry process for IBM sales representatives. A solution needed to be operational in less than 4 weeks.

Technical managers had begun to adopt a monolithic development approach to the challenge.

The CIO was concerned with the ability of his team to accomplish the project on time. He asked EKIVE to take charge of the project.

The value that EKIVE delivered to the CIO included:

Reviewing project plans for the deployment of a web-based ordering solution and identifying the potential impediments to success. A new approach was determined to be necessary.
In the space of three days an alternative strategy and options were defined, an agreement for third-party development was framed, suitable development partners were identified and documents were created to obtain board approval for proceeding with the revised project.
Managing the implementation, a successful e-business platform meeting critical business requirements was successfully delivered ahead of schedule and under budget by 45%.
Managing further incremental improvements to the system that met evolving business requirements.

The value to the client was significant. The agreement with IBM triggered a doubling of the company's stock price. Delivering the web-based sales solution on time and under budget maintained the company's credibility with their investors.


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