Business Strategy Solution and Product Revenue Acceleration

MTI is a leading international manufacturer in the high availability storage solutions industry.

MTI was in the process of responding to an RFP from one of their largest customers. EKIVE was engaged to perform a quality review of the RFP response which was due for submittal four days later.

The value EKIVE delivered to MTI included:

Performing an extensive review of a highly technical proposal for Storage Area Network solutions.
Mapping out a strategy to transition the client from older generation equipment to a new technology platform without compromising the benefits offered by the single product approach they had previously adopted.
Identifying changes necessary to the proposal to enable MTI to meet all of the requirements specified by their client.
Providing and guiding the business strategy used in delivering the completed proposal.
Controlling the compilation of the completed response document, coordinating submissions from multiple contributors.

The results of the engagement for MTI, as recognized by their CEO, were significant:

Their proposal was accepted by their client as the winning bid.
The proposal enabled MTI to reduce their manufacturing costs by introducing a new product line to their client, allowing them to cease custom production of a product that had reached its end of life 18 months earlier.
The response positioned MTI, in their client's eyes, as a leader in the storage industry through their extensive portfolio of patented technology that it had licensed to other competitors.

As a result of this engagement MTI adopted the RFP response document as a benchmark for all other major account submissions. They also adopted our proposal handling techniques as their standard corporate-wide.


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