Systems Integration Audit Assessment

Teleglobe's IT Operations organization was presented with an $8M technical design proposal by their primary systems integrator for a development and test lab. The quote was high, and a more economical solution was required.

The CIO asked EKIVE to review the proposal and identify ways to reduce cost without compromising capability.

The value EKIVE provided to Teleglobe's CIO included:

Reviewing the proposal and discovering that there were serious integration incompatibilities which, if implemented, would result in a non-operational environment and severe schedule impact.
Recommending the necessary changes to bring technical capabilities in line with critical business requirements.
Implementing a functional 7500 square-foot data center that met business requirements.

The project was delivered on schedule at a savings of over $7M against the original budget. Our recommendations and actions helped the client avoid the costly mistake of purchasing expensive, incompatible equipment and software. More importantly, the intervention prevented costly project delays.


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