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What our clients say CIO said:

"As CIO at back in 2000, I have experienced first hand the high level contribution EKIVE can make in our ever changing environment. Faced with the daily challenge of adapting to fluid business needs, and the on-going IT challenge to support marketing and sales, I engaged EKIVE to help me at the strategic planning level. EKIVE experience and strong foundation resulted in a solid planning and defined vision to allow IT to meet the challenge to support every day operations, while building a new architecture and its components to deliver the business functions required to meet the market demands. In addition, EKIVE opened the door for a partnership with a solid e-business development firm, which allows to meet its business partners requirements for a portal to conduct business transactions."

Mr Corrado Dugo
Former CIO

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iIRX CEO said:

"On behalf of the partners and staff at iIRX, I want to thank you for your time, energy and expertise in meeting with us and truly hearing what we shared with you. Your timely and very targeted response required significant research and effort for which we are grateful for. You helped our partly clouded vision transform into a clear and sunny one. Your assistance in helping us better understand the various industry standard and your own custom created pricing models and reasoning behind them has helped us navigate on the optimal course. A slight but critical course correction now will save us a major 'coming about' down the road. It is clear that your willingness to become an extension of our company and align with our goals and vision will prove a successful formula for iIRX and other fortunate enough to make your acquaintance. We look forward to a long rewarding relationship with"

Mr Michael J Edwards

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Teleglobe IT Infrastructure Manager said:

"I've utilized EKIVE for various projects and have come to rely on their expertise and professionalism. The staff they have deployed are creative and independent thinkers. In my view, what we were able to accomplish in that short amount of time was nothing short of a miracle. This could only have happened by having our internal technical staff augmented with dedicated, experienced Ekive resources."

Mr John Foley
IT Infrastructure Manager

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Newport Consulting Principal and Founder said:

"It was a pleasure meeting both Mike and you. As for your professional counsel and advice: Thank you doesn't say enough! EKIVE's IT and business expertise has lead me to a discover how I will accomplish my business objectives in the short term and build to the vision I have for NewPort as a web enabled service firm."

Mr Joe Houck
Principal and Founder
Newport Consulting

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Savar & Associates Founder said:

"EKIVE's dedication to providing its clients with superior technology services is demonstrated in everything they do. If you are seeking a technology partner that is committed to customer satisfaction, has high integrity and gives back to its community through countless hours of community involvement, then EKIVE is your clear choice!"

Ms Sheila Savar
Savar & Associates, LLC

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